This past week we gave ourselves the challenge of not watching TV for 7 days straight in an effort to form better habits and be productive with our time.  Ultimately it worked out really well and it wasn’t a big deal to not watch TV but there were certainly moments where it would have been [...]

Our Story on Stacking Benjamins

I was interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts Stacking Benjamins to share our debt free story.  Unfortunately, Erin lost her voice the day of the recording and couldn't talk during the interview which is too bad since she is such a large part of our success. Such a strange event to all of the sudden [...]


Debt free happens when you spend less than you earn.   Debt free happens one day at a time.   Debt free happens one decision at a time.   Debt free happens when you say no.   Debt free happens when your back is against the wall.   Debt free happens when you are sick [...]

Personal Challenge #1 – No TV

Once a month we will be choosing a personal challenge where we give up something or commit to doing something for 7 days.  It could be waking up at a particular time, reading for an hour, giving up social media or watching TV in an effort to be more productive or develop better habits. This [...]